Sayfis - Diabetes Management System

In 2001, my fascination with medical design and its potential to enhance patients' lifestyles ignited. My diploma work delved into medical design, specifically focusing on diabetes management for Type 1 diabetics.
During this period, a breakthrough emerged in the technical field with the introduction of insulin pumps - a portable solution easily strapped to the body, simple to put on, take off, and control, whether through direct input or remote control. Notably, this was a time before the advent of smartphones and smartwatches.
Expanding on these technical advancements, I envisioned a comprehensive Diabetes management system incorporating various wearables. This included a minuscule insulin pump, a smartwatch for control, and jewelry-like rings and earrings functioning as blood sugar monitors. Presented in my 2003 bachelor's thesis at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, the Sayfis Diabetes management system prioritized simplicity and integration into everyday objects.
Published in the summer of 2003, the system revolutionized diabetic care and was showcased by Dr. Mihaela Frank at the Medtronic European Convention in Vienna. Additionally, it achieved recognition by reaching the finals of the Braunprize 2006 Competition among the best 60 projects.
While the Sayfis system never materialized as a final product, its conceptual impact is evident in subsequent diabetic management innovations that have surfaced in the market.
The rendered images were done for the Diplome presentation in 2003 and the physical pictures with models were taken at a later time, in 2005 before the submission to the Braunprize competition. At that time the physical pump and watch model were redone in the workshops of the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Germany.
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