PRISPA - Solar Decathlon Europe 2012
The PRISPA project, launched in 2010 by a collaborative team from UAUIM, UTCB, UNARTE, and Polytechnic University of Bucharest, marked Romania's debut in the Solar Decathlon competition. The team, comprised of over 40 members and backed by over 60 sponsors, successfully designed, planned, funded, communicated, and constructed a groundbreaking solar-powered house over the two-year development period.

Exhibited at the Solar Decathlon Europe Competition in Madrid in 2012, the PRISPA house not only secured the 9th place overall but also clinched the 2nd prize for energy efficiency in the competition. It stands as a testament to Romania's commitment to sustainable design and innovation, being the first-ever Romanian team to participate in the Solar Decathlon competition.
The heart of the project was a dedicated team of volunteers, consisting of students and professors specializing in architecture, design, communication, and engineering. Collaborating seamlessly, this diverse group worked tirelessly for over two years to bring the PRISPA - Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 project to fruition. Their collective effort and expertise underscore the project's success and showcase the power of interdisciplinary collaboration in sustainable innovation.
Within the management unit, my role during the initial year was focused on coordinating fundraising efforts and contributing to the design aspects of the project. In the second year, my focus shifted towards communication strategies and refining product design. This dual role allowed me to contribute significantly to both the financial viability and the overall aesthetic and communicative aspects of the PRISPA - Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 project.
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