Is the concept developed by Overskin, our partner for this project.
Leave No Mark is not just a memorable call to action, but a statement that delivers on the brand’s promise at every consumer touchpoint. A multifunctional space signed by the brand where all curated experiences deliver on sustainability and the LEAVE NO MARK promise.
The entire Mercedes-Benz space inside the festival is meant to leave as small a footprint as possible, therefore the ambient space was designed using only mirrors and empty metal frames that work as a maze where the festival-goers can get lost or hide or play with light and reflection. The rear wall is designed as an open canvas for writing one’s plans for the year 2039, the year Mercedes-Benz plans to become completely carbon-neutral.
All the mirror totems feature messages about Mercedes-Benz, about the future and especially about the clean future of auto mobility.
Agency: Overskin Entertainment
Design: DZNR Design Studio
Photo: Mihai Georgiadi, Electric Castle
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