Hammerhead for Hedone Cafe
Every coffee drinker knows that nothing compares to a perfect espresso made by a professional machine. These were the first words exchanged between the DZNR Studio and Hedone Cafe during the first meeting where the creation of a new range of products “designed in Romania” dedicated to the preparation of coffee was discussed.
This is one of the few product design projects made in Romania where a manufacturer recognises the importance of the design process and works together with the design team in order to obtain an internationally competitive product. The product concept is the result of of a 4 months design and feedback process and 2 more moths will be needed for producing the first working prototype. The design underwent a very sharp evaluation process both from the design and the client’s point of view. It is aimed at a very specific market of coffee lovers who wish to use not just a great piece of technology for preparing their drink but also to have a distinct piece of design/art in their homes.
Mihnea Ghilduș – Creative Director
Raul Cadar – Product design
Magda Traciu – Product design, graphic design
FIrst prototype, exhibited at the Romanian Design Week 2017 Exhibition
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