During the collaboration with the Romanian Furniture Manufacturer from Reghin, Bucin Mob, in 2016-2017, I curated their new collection of products designed by Romanian Designers. During this process I worked together with the DZNR Design Studio's team of designers at creating a collection of products but also the visual identity of this new collection. After finishing the first prototypes, we organised a photo shooting in order to show the products in the best light from their best angle. The collection was first presented at the IMM Cologne Furniture fair in January 2017.
Here are some images from the Catalog, the Visual Identity and the pictures of the collection.

Bucin Mob Design Collection is curated by Mihnea Ghilduș / Dizainăr
Art direction: Mihnea Ghilduș
Graphic design, DTP: Raul Cadar
Photography: Andrei Naghy
Text: Bucin Mob, Constantin Alupoaei, Alexandra Croitoru, Mihnea Ghilduș
Translation: Alexandra Croitoru
Most of the products depicted in the pictures are created by Romanian designers. The lighting objects, decorations and complements used for the mood pictures were supplied by Dizainăr for promotional purposes. Designers: Aerium, Alexandru Ioniță, Bulb 27 / Andrei Ignia, Ceramic Sparrow, Ciprian Andrei, Decât o revistă, Izzi Design Box / Constantin Alupoaei, Florin Poptean, Jazz Design, Mădălina Teler, Marele Deget Mare, Raul Cadar, Studio Mud, Supersomething, Uppercrazy Deco, Ubikubi, Vlad Eftenie
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